Negative Saints

by Killcrop

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In participation in kind with Bandcamp's plan to give their shares of today's purchases to The Transgender Law Center (, I will also be giving my entire share of purchases this Friday and Weekend to the TLC fund.

This album has been in the works for four years. Way too long. Half of the tracks originate from a burst of creativity in May 2013. The other tracks were started July 2016. Since then I have been working on refining the newer tracks and bringing the older track up to date so that they all form one cohesive album.

Since the dissolution of Gentleman Loser, I have tried to reconcile different recording techniques between structured composing within FL Studio, versus unstructured jam sessions with my hardware synthesisers. Both methodologies are approached with wildly different techniques and result in different tones and architecture.

I would like to say that the long span of time between starting these songs and releasing an album was due to diligent work trying to solve the difficulties of working in these diametrically opposed fashions. The truth, however, to lift a quote from Ani Difranco, "no man, it's's just...I got kinda distracted..."

This album is primarily a solo work, but in the great tradition of solo albums, there was the assistance of fellow musicians. Namely Emily Mills from local punk band Damsel Trash performs vocals on the first track, Gaslighter, which incidentally is the only song with lyrics. Old time friend who inadvertently introduced me to my first synthesiser, Giftronic, lends drum sample mangling to the industrial sludgefest known as The Fallen Man. Check out their work in the links below:


released April 16, 2017



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Killcrop Madison, Wisconsin

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